Inktober - Day 1

My sketch for day 01 of this years inktober
I want to draw more but I'm not as good at it as I would like to be. Thats why I want to "participate" in this years Inktober. The goal is to draw something everyday and post it online with the hashtag #inktober. I will just put it up...

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Into the Gemini Space

I set up a small gemini server as a mirror for this site
I just stumbled upon a project called "Gemini", an extremely simple and lightweight internet protocol as an addition to http and gopher. It kind of feels like mimicing the early stages of the web which I think is a fun idea. It came out in...

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The Outpost

Gaze into the distance!
A house in the middle of some mountains: Image Small tune to set the mood: The...

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Grand Stories

Erzählungen von meinem Opa aus seiner Kindheit in Velm
Im Frühling vor ca. 2 Jahren (2018) habe ich mit meinen Großeltern ein paar Aufnahmen gemacht, in denen sie etwas aus ihrer Kindheit und später erzählt haben. Jetzt habe ich endlich Zeit gefunden und begonnen das Ganze zusammen zu schneiden, damit...

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