by YW
on 16-07-2021

Into the Gemini Space

I set up a small gemini server as a mirror for this site

I just stumbled upon a project called "Gemini", an extremely simple and lightweight internet protocol as an addition to http and gopher.

It kind of feels like mimicing the early stages of the web which I think is a fun idea.

It came out in 2019 so the "gemini space", as it's called, is still very small, which is really charming!

I highly recommend to check it out! I set up a small gemini server myself which will mirror this site


on gemini space here:


To access it you either need a gemini client (more complicated) or you can just use a gemini proxy like

That's it.

Read more about it here:

Project Gemini (Official Page)

Gemini Protocol (Wikipedia)